LED Retrofit for Heritage Lighting

Here at James M Anderson we have developed a range of retrofit LED gear trays for existing street lighting lanterns which will allow for a low cost simple solution to fulfill the new LED regulations being implemented in 2016 by the Scottish Government. Our gear trays cover various ranges of lanterns and bulkheads which are listed below. If you do not see a suitable retrofit for your needs listed, please get in touch with us as sales@jmanderson.co.uk and we will see if we can come up with a solution

Barra Heritage Retrofit Geartray

With our Barra geartray we also do a Heritage version, with each tray induvidually designed around whatever lantern it is to be retrofit into. The technology is the same that is used in the street lighting version of the Barra, but the lens can be changed for a more symmetrical/asymmetrical spread more suited to the style of lantern.

We already have a wide variety of geartrays available for different lanterns and we are always adding onto the list, so if the lantern you need a geartray for isnt listed, get in touch with the team and see what solutions we can come up with.

Geartrays currently available (dimming regime options available with every geartray)

Urbis Abbey
DW Windsor York
Urbis Albany
DW Windsor Braemar
DW Windsor Windsor (both versions)
DW Windsor Salisbury
DW Windsor Strand
Urbis ST Giles
Metcraft 16/14
and many more.

James M Anderson

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