Retrofit Street Lighting

We are experts in finding solutions to retrofit lanterns to LED. Browse our retrofit section for further information.

LED Retrofit for Heritage Lighting

Heritage lighting can come at a hefty price. If you already have the lanterns, we can help in converting them to LED’s for a fraction of the price. Our simple ‘plug and play’ solutions will reduce the cost and time required in changing the lanterns over.

LED Luminaires

We hold in stock various steet lighting lanterns by CU Phosco, TRT and Urbis Schreder for both street lighting and amenity lighting. Wattages vary from 10w up to 70w.

Lamps and Control Gear

If you still are using older style lanterns we still stock a wide variety of replacement gear for SOX, SON, Metal Halide etc…


Our floodlighting range consists of basic 20w and 50w floods held in stock. We also can offer a service where a lighting design can be done to assess what would best suit your needs.