LED Maintenance

James M Anderson Ltd is the only independent approved LED Lantern repair centre in Scotland. 


Contact our repair team on 01355-590800 or sales@jmanderson.co.uk for any faulty or failed LED Products . 


Initial Assesment

Once the lanterns have been collected or delivered to us we will assess and test them thoroughly to find out where and what the issue is behind the fault.


We always communicate back to the customer what issues have been found and what can be done to fix them before going ahead with any repairs ensuring that the solution is as cost effective as possible.


Once we have agreed with the customer to a fix, our trained team will then go ahead to repair the lanterns and get them returned to the customer as quickly as possible.

James M Anderson


If you have any questions or queries regarding our LED repair, or simply want to book in lanterns for repair, please use the contact options below and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

01355 590800