LED Luminaires

At JMA we aim to supply whatever LED Lantern the customer requires. Unfortunately due to the vast majority of lanterns on the market and different variationsthat each lantern can have, we cannot stock them all. We keep a small amount of standard lanterns that can be used in many street lighting situations.

Urbis Axia 2

Distributed by James M Anderson

Axia 2 is a state-of-the-art LED luminaire at a surprisingly affordable price. Building on the strengths of the ground-breaking Axia, this second generation luminaire is designed to provide a cost-effective solution to those looking to reduce energy costs.

Axia 2 offers all the advantages of LED lighting, without the high cost associated with this technology.

The Axia 2 range is the perfect solution for replacing luminaires fitted with high-pressure sodium, metal halide and other HID lamps.

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TRT Aspect Mini

Distributed by James M Anderson

The Aspect Mini is the result of continual feedback, design and development that has been required to suit the UK residential road lighting market.

The cost effective and compact style, universal mounting mechanism and performance driven features of the Mini allows its installation on virtually any existing residential lighting point.

With a choice of LED colour temperatures, a selection of dedicated residential lens distributions, a universal shield arrangement (which can be easily retrofitted on site) and the field adjustable PowerSet and PowerSet Pro feature, the Aspect Mini is the single solution to any residential application.

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CU Phosco P852

Distributed by James M Anderson

P852 Next Generation LED Luminaire for residential road lighting.

A high quality, low cost solution to replace existing low pressure sodium (LPS) and compact fluorescent (CFL) luminaires on minor roads and residential areas.

Available in 6 LED, 12 LED and 24 LED Versions with Luminaire Efficacy up to 139 lm/W.

This luminaire complies with ETL guidelines for White Light Emitting Diode Lighting Units and is eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme.

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Distributed by James M Anderson

Our Barra geartray complete with ARC 80/90 shell and flex, ready to be immediately installed.

James M Anderson

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