Cable, Crimps, Keys and more…


We keep stock of vast ranges of cable that may be used in conjunction with street lighting. All our cable has a BS rating. Some of our stock includes..

– 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.5mm 3core
– 1.5mm 3 core Arctic Grade
– 6mm 3core SWA
– 6mm, 10mm, 16mm tri rated Earth

and much more…


We also keep in stock a wide array of crimps in both insulated and non-insulated types. The main ones are both blade, ring and straight through crimps but can procure whatever is desired in a couple of days.

– 10x6mm, 10x8mm, 16x6mm, 16x8mm ring crimps – insulated and non-insulated crimps.
– 6mm, 10mm, 16mm, 25mm stragith though crimps – insulated and non-insulated.

and much more…


We stock the following earthing products , for anything else not listed please contact the sales team.

– Concrete earth pits
– Copper lattice
– Tri Rated Earth Cable
– Copper Earth Rod’s and Clamps
– Charles Endirect CET Glands
– Earth Straps
– Gland Plates


Through our partners Pudsey Diamond, we supply a comprehensive range of keys for the professional lighting engineer, maintenance manager or local authority teams. Choose the keys you require to create your own custom set, or purchase one of our pre-selected sets. Our range includes cabinet keys, anti- vandal keys, column keys and more!

Get in touch with the sales teams for pricing.

Click the link below for further information on the keys.

Fuses, Fuseholders & MCB's

We have in stock various miscellaneous MCB’s, RCBO’s, RCD’s, fuseholders and fuses and have fast access to other products you may require but we dont hold in stock.

For further information, please get in touch with the sales team.


Charles Lighting have been manufacturing Enplates primarily for the street lighting industry since 1989, as a response to requests from the industry for protection for their numbers from weather. The Charles Lighting enplate system has developed with customer demands and comes mainly as a folded plate, though still available in the flat version for larger-faced concrete columns. Charles Lighting Ltd can design and supply Enplates complete with all alpha/numerics, straps and fixing tool. We are also happy to quote for pre-numbering.

Features of the Enplate numbering system are: 

– Robust and UV resistant material 
– High impact strength and temperature resistance 
– Generic or bespoke designs 
– Enplates are economical, made with basic components 
– Enplates are re-usable, after knockdown or road alteration  
– Fast and easy to install or remove in all conditions 
– Well proven, durable product lasting up to 20 years 
– Polycarbonate is fully recyclable 



We hold stock of all colours of electrical tape as well as various other types.