NAL X-last Bollards

NAL X-Last Bollards are an innovative range of bollards with unique properties which make them both highly resistant yet very flexible. This makes them one of the safest, most durable maintenance free bollards available.

Their high resistance and rigidity make them an ideal choice in preventing vehicles from entering prohibited zones such as footpaths and pedestrian areas, whilst their flexibility enables them to return to their original shape and position even after the most severe impact. Compared to metal bollards that can cause serious harm to pedestrians, the X-Last range offers minimal risk of injury. They are manufactured from a non-corrosive material and therefore require zero maintenance expenditure.

All X-Last Bollards can be installed with the X-Last Socket System, enabling them to be removed within minutes making them ideal for any non-permanent sites.

Unique Charactaristics

• Exclusive formula - Polymer composite with minute reinforcing
• Results in a highly rigid & flexible bollard
• Non corrosive material & UV stabilised
• Withstands impact loads between 100 - 1500 repeated complete
  knockdowns in the same direction
• Performance temperature -20°C to t60°C
• CE marked

X-last Flexiable Bollard by NAL


• Manual handeling (all bollards under 6Kgs)
• 200mm max root depth
• No risk of hitting services
• Less spoil to remove
• 50mm concrete surround
• Easily core drilled
• No risk of damage during installation

X-last Flexiable Bollard by NAL


ACV (Analysis of Life Cycle) conducted bu the European foundation
INASMET - Tecnalia

Result: X-Last Bollard = 5.000 Milipoints/Kg
          Metal Bollard = 10.345 Milipoints/Kg

50% less impact on the environment than conventional metal bollards looking at
• Raw material used
• Manufacturing process
• Transportation
• Installation
• Disposal
• X-Last material is fully recyclable

Selection of X-Last Bollards

Information About X-Last Bollards

Illuminated X-Last Bollards with RS Base LED System

NAL offer the X-Last range in a translucent material. This allows the bollard to be internally illuminated.
Combined with the NAL Socket Systems it allows the IP68 LED’s and driver to be installed below ground
level ensuring they cannot be damaged in a vehicular impact.
Illuminated bollards are available in 5 colours (white, yellow, red, blue and green) and they offer the
same benefits as the non-illuminated range.

X-last Illuminated Led Bollards

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