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Astro Nova City

Astronomic Time Switch

The Astro Nova City astronomic time switch is perfect for lighting control applications where switching to a fixed time or astronomic time schedule is required.

Highly accurate, the Astro Nova City astronomic time switch is easy to programme, with timing for 29 UK cities pre-programmed, Part Night functionality and automatic GMT/BST adjustment included, to ensure lamp activation in line with specific customer and location requirements. The astronomic time switch incorporates a DIN mount for simple installation, and all components are housed within a highly durable casing, making the Astro Nova City impact-proof and virtually maintenance free.


Operational modes

Operating voltage range
Power consumption
Operating temperature range
Memory points
Ingress protection
Switching capability

Max direct load


Dimensions L x W x D


< +/-1 Second/day at 23 °C
Astronomic and Fixed Time
220-265 Vac, 50/60 Hz
< 1.0 W
-10 °C to +45 °C
2 x independent outputs
35 mm DIN (to EN 60715)
2 x 16 A resistive,
2 x 10 A inductive, 250 Vac
incandescent 3000 W
halogen 2500 W
fluorescent 1200 W
RoHS compliant. CE marked and
compliant with EMC emission and
immunity standards Designed to
meet the requirements for UMSUG
code 91 0002 0000 100
65 x 35 x 88 mm

Astro Nova City

Astro Nova City

Key Features

• Astronomic or ‘Fixed Time’ operation n 2 Independent programmable outputs n 22 Programmable steps
• 29 UK cities pre-programmed
• Automatic GMT/BST adjustment
• 4 Year lithium-ion battery back-up
• Suitable for use with LED, halogen or discharge lighting


• Roadway lighting
• Private, local authority street and residential area lighting
• Lighting control panels
• Security floodlighting
• Industrial, retail and commercial lighting

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