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Simmonsigns LUA

The LUA is a proven signlight system, with over 20 years development and field use. It features a robust cast aluminium head which dovetails to a range of anti-rotational fixing bracketry, to meet all site fixing requirements.

• Robust cast aluminium construction - virtually vandal-resistant.
• Versatile tough anti-rotational fixing systems.
• IP54 rated for reduced inner cleaning.
• Low ongoing maintenance costs.
• Tamper-resistant access.
• Single handed gear tray removal for easier maintenance.
• Visually appealing design.
• Excellent light distribution with no light backwash.
• Reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption by fitting the
optional photocell.
• Photocell lens incorporated.
• Available in LED option
• Illuminates signs up to 600 x 600mm

Simmonsigns LUA

Simmonsigns LUA LED Signlight Unit

The LUA signlight system is now available with a choice of optically engineered LED light units designed to reduce energy consumption and extend maintenance intervals.

• Long life LED's offer significant savings on awkward, expensive to
  maintain signing applications.
• Optically engineered.
• From 6 watts total energy consumption.
• Existing LUA upgraded to LED in literally seconds.
• 98.5% fully recyclable.
• Illuminates signs up to 600 x 600mm

Simmonsigns LUA with intergrated Gear Tray

Signature EXLITE DELTA-Type A (IP65)

• Cast Aluminium LM6-M
• LED Option
• Solar Option Available
• Black Colour Option Available



Signature EXLITE DELTA-Type A (IP65)

Signature EXLITE LA-Type A (IP56)

• Time Proven A Type Lantern
• Available in Polyethlene or Cast Aluminium
• Standard Outreach 175mm
• Anti Rotational Bracketry Fixing
• LED Option

Signature EXLITE LA-Type A (IP56)



LED sign light gear tray

Dismayed by some of the claims made about LED products, the designers at C.S.A. Photonics Ltd decided to create their own LEDs and a range of products that actually do what they claim to. The company is jointly owned by a former chemist student turned electrical engineer who has been in lighting design for more than 20 years and a mathematician and military hardware and software designer.

C.S.A. Photonics Ltd is leading the field with its new approach to LED technology with products that offer the following benefits

• Retrofit trays for all type 'A' sign lights, including more unusual
• Full compliance with EN standards including illumination and
• 1.3 Watts power usage, UMSUG rating of 1 Watt.
• Zodion photocell fitted as standard but can be substituted.
• LED produces so little heat that supplementary heat sinking is
  not required.
• Low operating temperature that can extend service life to over
  30 years - 10 year guarantee as standard!
• High colour temperature that is maintained throughout service life.
• Simple plug and play tray.
• Tough component driver rated many more times than the LED’s
• Mix and match volume discount offers.
• 30 months continuous operation testing with no degradation in
  light output or colour drift.
• Electrically tested by ELEXON's own approved test house.
• Each tray designed to pay for itself in 24 months or less to
  comply with SALIX and other funding streams.

Retrofit Gear Trays for Signlights

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