Jointing Kits

Type tested according to: EN 50393:2006-11
Hydrolysis resistant polyurethane resin in a transparant 2
component bag
Strong transparant shells
Fully waterproof, no leakage of resin
Cable spacers included
Complete kit, sealing tape, sandpaper, and protective
gloves inclusive
Installation instructions with clear drawings
Easy and quick installation
Connectors and / or earthing kits available on request
Other shell size dimensions available on request

Jointing Kit

Earth Braid

Offers significant advantages over"single wite type" earth continuity systems, which can fall if poorly positioned within wire armour cores that have "spread". The flat, soft braid ensures good electrical contact and is insulated for extra protection.

Constant Force Springs

Cable joints move and expand due to earth shift and heat from electrical current. Constant force springs react to this movement and maintain a sound electrical connection between the steel wire armouring and the earth continuity braid.

Core seperators

Provide safe seperation of cores and connectors.
Two-part resin
CTL's long-proven resin formula is of such quality that it is equally suitable for both LV and MV applications and provides excellent adhesion to PVC, XLPE, polythene and paper cables. It is supplied in two-part easy-mix packaging, ensuring both convenience and safety.

Jointing Kit Table

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