Lawson Type “LST” fuse-links are for use in single-phase street lighting cut-outs or similar installations. These fuse-links comply with UK Electricity Supply Industry Standards and BS7654.
Leading authorities, including Lloyds Register of Shipping and Electricity Supply Authorities, have approved fuse-links within this range. A complementary range of solid/neutral links is available to suit our fuse-link range.

LST 6 Amp fuse


Lawson Type NIT fuse-links are for use in industrial installations and can be fitted into BS88 bolted fuse-holders and distribution fusegear. The range includes all BS88: Part 2 reference fuse-links up to 800 Amps and has gG classification, ensuring compliance with the current edition of the UK Wiring Regulations. Many non-reference tag variants are available to cater for installation in non-standard or specialised equipment.The range has a rated voltage of 415V a.c. and has been certified at a test recovery voltage of at least 110%. These fuse- links are therefore suitable for use on systems with voltages up to 457V a.c.The range also has a rating of 250V d.c. Acomplementary range of solid/ neutral links is available to suit our fuse-link range.

NIT 6 Amp fuse


Lawson Type MD cylindrical fuse-links are for general purpose usage in three-phase sub-circuits. With a bre a king capacity of 80kA, type MD fuse-links can be used to protect circuits with high fault levels such as industrial installations. The fuse-links also meet the performance requirements of BS88: Part 2 and IEC 60269-2 and have been independently ASTA Certified to the rules of the ASTA 20 Scheme.

MD 4 Amp fuse


Lawson Type “ME” and “MF” fuse-links are for use in single or three-phase house service cut-outs or similar installations. The standardized BS 1361 breaking capacity of these fuse-links is 33kA at 0.3p.f. However to cater for increasing fault levels all Lawson house service cut-out fuse-links have been ASTA te s ted to 80kA at 0.15 p.f.

ME and MF fuse

Full range of fuses available in all fuse types

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