Earth Products


The concrete inspection pit is load rated to 4,500kg and is suitable for most types of
earthing and lightning protection installations. It is not suitable for use in areas where
high load, small wheel vehicles are used.

Earth Pit


The lightweight earth inspection pit weighs only 1.8kg yet is a load rate to 5000kg. it
has a lockable lid and improved working area compared to the concrete inspection pit
manufactured from high performance polymer, the lightweight pit is UV stable and
chemically resistant.

Inspection Cover


Lattice copper earth plates are usually used in situations where its very difficult to
knock earth rods into the ground. The plates are usually placed a meter in the
ground and because of the surface area will usually generate good readings.

Copper Lattice


These rods are highly resistant to corrosion and because the steel used has a very
high tensile strength they can be driven by power hammers to great depths. Copper
thickness minimum 250 microns. Earth rods to BS EN 50164-2, BS 7430, UL467

Earth Rod


Suitable for use with 8mm solid circular copper conductor.

Earth Clamp


CEL offers a comprehensive range of earthing components that cater for all standard size cables. Central Earthing Terminals (CETs), saddles, compression glands, terminal blocks and gland plates are all available. The CET is ideal for terminating SWA cables in a narrow space, typically in a lighting column, traffic sign or feeder pillar. Easy to use, all terminations are made from the front without the need of a spanner, providing an effective earth bond. The main terminal components are made from zinc plated solid brass.

Manufactured for Quality

• Inherently strong and simple design
• Exceeds BSI (Cable Gland) torque test
• Main terminal components are all zinc plated solid brass Ease of installation

Ease of Instalation

• No loose fitting or easily omitted strands
• Single or multiple earth take-off points
• Comprehensive range, all standard cable sizes
• Supplied complete with jubilee clip

CEL Central Earthing Terminal

CEL Maximum Cable Sizes CET Bent Back





CEL Maximum Cable Sizes CET Bent Back





Single Saddle

• To fix CET 002 to backboard 3 c/w brass fixing screws

Double/Triple Saddle

• Will fix up to 3no CET 002 to backboard 3 c/w brass fixing screws Earthing Accessories     EB42 and EB82
• Double pinch solid brass earth block for use on backboard

Earth Strap

• Braided copper strap with Green/Yellow sleeve
• Sleeve heat shrunk onto crimp lug (8.5mm diameter) 3 Available in two lengths: 475mm     and 750mm

CET Saddle's

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