Access Chambers

STAKKAbox™ is a range of patented pre-formed Structural Access Chambers (or duct boxes) which have been designed for use in both footway and carriageway installations. The finished chambers provide access to underground ducting and / or storage equipment. The STAKKAbox ™ Underground Chamber has a high strength to weight ratio, due to its unique patented twin wall design with internal vertical and horizontal support ribs. Each Underground Chamber consists of 155mm deep ring sections which are stacked on top of each other to form chambers of varying depths. Each ring section is castellated to positively interlock with the unit above and below. A wide range of section sizes are available with duct entry holes and solid wall sections.

Access Chambers

All STAKKAbox™ sections fall below the recognised one man weight lifting limit

Access Chambers Information

Covers and Frames

Composite Cover & Frame

The NAL composite cover range are produced from lightweight yet very strong glass re-enforced Polyester Resin. They are all supplied with our unique non slip tread pattern to the surface side, which exceeds a Slip Resistance Value (SRV) of 80. They are available in EN124 Standard, B125 (12.5 Tonne) and C250 (25 Tonne) vertical load capacities. Each Composite Cover weighs less than 25kgs so poses no problems for manual handling. Covers are supplied in a black finish as standard however other colours are available on request. This is an ideal cover which provides long life with low maintenance costs. NAL Composite covers are secured in position by an Extra Deep galvanised steel raising frames. These maintain the clear opening size required and provide height and tilt adjustment at surface level. All Extra Deep frames have a minimum of 70mm up-stand to eliminate the need for mortar surround in paved areas. These frames give superior stability to all installations as they enable greater depth of surrounding material. Frames are manufactured from 5mm steel and hot dip galvanised to EN1461.

Composite Covers and Frame

Composite Covers and Frame Information

Recessed Covers & Frames

NAL offer a high quality range of recessed covers for use in landscaped areas.
The covers present a minimum of exposed metal thereby masking the presence of manhole covers and allowing paving patterns to be continued over the access point.
All NAL recessed covers are suitable for internal and external use and come in a standard range of sizes and depths which can accommodate any paving thickness.
NAL Recessed Covers are manufactured in accordance with EN124:1994 and are kitemarked. The covers are fabricated in 6mm steel as standard.
All covers are designed with manual handling requirements in mind and feature slide out covers with tapered sides. These features allow covers to be safely removed by one person. Cover sizes are designed to ensure safe lifting weights and multi-cover sets include removable cross members.
Recessed covers can be fabricated to suit any chamber opening from 150mm square upwards.

Recessed Covers and Frame

Cocrete Infill Covers & Frames

NAL offer a full range of EN124 certified concrete infill access covers. The covers are suitable for use in footpaths, car parks, grass verges and areas with slow moving traffic including HGV’s.
Covers are manufactured in galvanised steel, are factory filled with reinforced high strength concrete and badged to customer requirements. The covers are designed with manual handling regulations in mind featuring tapered sides and centralised lifting keyholes. All steel is hot dip galvanised to EN1461 to offer a lifespan often in excess of 30 years.
All industry cover sizes are available together with bespoke sizes, locking and coloured covers.

Cocrete Infill Covers and Frame

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