6w Wall Mounted Solar Light

The Zeta 6W Wall Mounted Solar Light is a stand-alone lighting system ideal for a wide variety of external lighting applications.

Lighting from dusk till dawn; the built in PIR sensor, when detecting movement will switch to on mode and switch back to off mode automatically when no movement is detected.

The unit is ideal for remote or rural areas where mains connection is often not available and in urban areas where cabling costs can be prohibitively expensive.

Manufactured to be completely waterproof, vandal resistant and simple to install, it requires little maintenance and also comes with easy to mount brackets.

With long life, energy saving and carbon saving qualities, the 6W Wall Mounted Solar Light provides top of the range performance at a competitive price.


  • Stand-alone system.
  • Built in PIR.
  • Automatic switching.
  • Easy installation.
  • Waterproof.
  • Vandal resistant.
  • Energy and cost saving.

  • Applications

  • Exterior.
  • Rural areas.
  • Urban areas.
  • Residential areas.
  • Office spaces.

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